Does PE Work?


Let Me Show You…

Starting Size:

Erect length
6 1/8 Inches

Erect Girth
6 Inches

Current Size:

Erect length
6 7/8 Inches

Erect Girth
6 1/4 Inches

Penis Enlargement Pills? – These will help with erection quality, but will not live up to their claims of adding inches.

Penis Pumps? – Great for adding girth to your penis. However, if you are looking to add both length and girth, then the focus should be on length first.

Traction devices? – Very uncomfortable and time consuming. I’m yet to hear a good word about these when it comes to fitting them.

Surgery? – This is expensive but will give you results overnight. Cutting the ligament in the penis to gain length isn’t something I would advise.

Jelqing? – This is simply the best method to start your journey to a bigger penis.

Hanging? – Depending on the type of hanger used, hanging is key to length after your penis is conditioned.

This site is dedicated to giving you the information and proof for FREE. No advertising, No scams, No hidden agendas what so ever.
This multi million pound industry has been taking money off people who are less confident about the size of their penis for long enough.

Check out the results page to see the gains I have made so far.

Learn how to get results by following My Routine.

Watch my Penis Exercise Videos to get it right first time and remove any ambiguity.


NBPEL = Non Bone Pressed Erect Length

BPEL = Bone Pressed Erect Length

EG = Erect Girth


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