How PE works?

Penis Anatomy

To increase the size of the penis we should first understand a little bit about the male genitalia. The penis is composed of three cylindrical masses; two lateral masses know as the corpora cavernosum and a single corpus spongiosum. These become engorged with blood to produce an erection and it is these masses that are essential for adding size.

The corpus spongiosum is a single length of spongy tissue that fills with blood when developing an erection and remains somewhat pliable. This mass of tissue lies on the underside and in the middle of the corpora cavernosa and encases the urethra. The main function of the corpus spongiosum is to prevent compression of the urethra during an erection. It clearly shows in the picture that the urethra is were the male urinates and ejaculates from. If the urethra was compressed it would make it impossible for ejaculation to happen. When developing the penis, this is one area that must increase in size.

The corpora cavernosa consists of a pair of chambers that are also formed from spongy tissues. To form an erection, these chambers fill with blood to become rigid and cause the penis to become elongated and protrude outwards. Since these chambers make-up 75% of the penis and holds 90% of the blood when the penis is erect, this is a key area for further development.

How an erection works?

When the penis is flaccid the blood flows freely in and out of the cavernosal spaces, in through the arteries and out through the veins. When the penis becomes aroused muscles surrounding the arteries relax, allowing more blood into the cavernosal spaces which increases the size of them and presses against the veins, in turn this decreases the blood outflow causing the penis to become erect.

How jelqing increases penis length and girth?

Jelqing is a term for penis exercises that use a “milking” type motion to force blood through the penis and expand it. The exercise effectively works the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum so as to cause these chambers to increase in size and capacity. By increasing the size and capacity of these structures, we are creating additional penis size not only when erect but when flaccid as well.

It is understood that an erection level of 40-70% will focus on increasing length, whilst an erection level of 70-90% will focus on increasing girth.

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